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42 Genius Products and Tips for the Most Organized Kitchen Ever in 2022

Never fear opening the cabinets again.

No matter what size your kitchen is, staying organized can be a challenge. Whether you're navigating tiny cabinets, narrow drawers, or an overall lack of storage space, there's a lot to contend with when you're trying to keep your kitchen tidy while also making sure everything you need is still accessible. With small appliances, food and pantry items, utensils, dinnerware, cookware, and glassware, there's so much to stow away in your kitchen. Not to mention, it can be difficult to figure out how to store things like plastic food container lids (no one likes to open the cabinet to a plastic avalanche!), cutting boards, baking sheets, pot tops, and more. And every kitchen has its quirks, so you have those to factor in, too. If you don't have the time for a complete makeover, these hacks are clever ways to maximize even with little space.

Thanks to these genius products, you can make sure the items you need are always where they're supposed to be—and easily within reach. And the best part? Many of them aren't just handy, they're stylish and budget-friendly, too. In fact, a ton of the items featured here are under $25, so you can reorganize your entire space without worrying about breaking the bank.

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1 Fridge Drawer Organizer

Gain back a bit of shelving space with these drawers that you can easily attach to any refrigerator. The clear design will ensure you always know what's inside when you place other items on top.

2 Totem Waste Separation Bin
Joseph Joseph
Now 11% off

Don’t have room for both a trash can and a recycling bin? Consider this totem separation bin that includes both but takes up the same amount of floor space as one.

3 Chrome Roll-Out Cabinet Drawers
Container Store

No more digging through your cabinets to find the blender in the back. This pull-out drawer makes it easy to get to your favorite small appliances in no time.

4 Large Divided Freezer Bin Clear
Container Store

Clean up your freezer with a few of these freezer bins. Not only will it be pleasant to look at, but you'll actually be able to locate the food you want quicker.

5 Banana Hook
Container Store

If your home is always stocked with bananas, consider freeing up some counter space with one or two of these hooks. They can even flip up so that they're hidden when not in use.

6 Terracotta Tile Utensil Crock
Wrought Studio

Your utensil holder doesn't have to be bland. Enhance your kitchen's overall charm with this simple organizer that's just as functional as it is stylish.

7 3-Tier Mesh Basket Pantry Rack

Low on pantry shelving space? Add a little more space with this over-the-door pantry rack. Fill it with anything from canned goods to spices.

8 Acrylic Napkin Holder
CY craft

No matter how you stack them, a rogue pile of napkins will always end up getting messy. The solution? A sleek holder, like this acrylic one that's perfect for storing decorative cocktail napkins.

9 Magnetic Stainless Steel Paper Towel Rack
The Container Store
Container Store

You may already own a paper towel holder that sits on the counter, but why not ditch it for this one that you can stick right to a magnetic fridge? It'll clear up even more counter space. Every little bit counts!

10 K-Cup Pods Carousel

Say goodbye to messy drawers with loose K-cups! Ensure you can easily access and refill your stash of pods with this carousel that holds up to 36 K-cups.

11 Ceiling Pot Rack

If your pots are pretty, get a hanging rack to display them on. It'll serve as storage and double as decor!

12 Narrow Utensil Tray
Joseph Joseph

If you have particularly narrow drawers or are short on space, this genius silverware organizer is a perfect fit.

13 Expandable Cookware Organizer

Keep baking sheets, pots (and lids!), pans, and other cookware in check with this expandable organizer—you can even order extra wires to tailor it to your kitchen.

14 Over-Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer

This renter-friendly option hangs over the inside of your cabinet door, giving you extra space to store necessities.

15 Expandable Cabinet Shelf
Seville Classics

An expandable shelf, like this one, allows you to really take advantage of the vertical space in your cabinets. You can stack things without making them harder to retrieve.

16 Airtight Food Storage Container Set
Now 51% off

Revamp your pantry with these airtight bins—they're stackable, so you'll save space, they look a lot sleeker, and you can label them and see exactly what you need to refill at a glance.

17 Adjustable Kitchen Wrap Organizer

Keep all your kitchen wraps, from aluminum foil to parchment paper, neat and tidy with this adjustable organizer.

18 6-Piece Buffet Caddy
B. Smith

This caddy comes with everything you need to easily carry out plates, utensils, and napkins for your next dinner party all in one trip—and you can conveniently store them like that, too.

19 Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

Everyone reuses plastic grocery bags, but storing them? That's a whole other issue. This dispenser stashes them in a convenient, easy-to-access spot that looks much cleaner than having a bag full of bags in a cabinet under the sink. Plus, it can mount to the wall or the inside of a cabinet, if you want it hidden.

20 Acacia Turntable

Placing your items on a turntable in the pantry or a cabinet means all you have to do to find what you're looking for is give it a little spin.

21 2-Tier Adjustable Lazy Susan

Need more space? A tiered turntable like this is exactly what you need to get your pantry organized, and it makes finding what you need a cinch.

22 Yamazaki Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack

If you want to hang more than just your paper towels on your fridge, consider this rack for storing spices, measuring spoons, and hand towels.

23 Over-Sink Dish Drying Rack

If you don't have a ton of space for a dish-drying rack but you wash a lot dishes, go vertical. This over-sink rack has tons of room for plates, utensils, bowls, soap, and more.

24 Five Two Over-the-Sink Drying Rack
Five Two

If you need a drying rack that doesn't take up space when not in use, this expandable option is perfect. It can sit over your sink when you need it to and can also expand to fit all your dishes (or stay small for just a few items).

25 Food Container Lid Organizer

This little tray ensures that you'll always have the correctly-sized food container lid on-hand, in one ultra organized place.

26 Gravity Can Feeder
Container Store

Make cans more easily accessible with this gravity-feed rack, which automatically drops the next can to the front when you grab the one you need.

27 Docking Drawer

Consider wrangling all your tangled cords a thing of the past. This drawer has smart storage for all those chargers, giving you a dedicated space to power up your devices out of sight and to easily and neatly store the cords when you're done.

28 Under Shelf Wire Rack

Attach this organizer to any shelf, and you'll have a stylish and handy place to keep spices, a kitchen towel, and more.

29 Cuisinart 14" Two-Tier Sliding Cabinet Organizer
crate and barrel

Keep all of your cleaning supplies in one easy-to-reach spot under the sink with this pull-out organizer that has room for all the essentials—all while fitting around any pipes.

30 Slide Out Bin Holder

Speaking of pull-out drawers, this slide-out addition to your kitchen cabinets helps you both keep your trash or recycling bin out of sight and still reach it quickly and easily.

31 13-Piece Espresso Set
B. Smith

This espresso set isn't just a clever way to keep your coffee supplies ready for guests—it comes with the rack and the cups and saucers, so you don't even need to shop for dishes.

32 Bamboo Stackable Drawer Organizer
Container Store

Revamp your cutlery drawer with this expandable organizer that can be adjusted to custom fit all of your utensils.

33 Cork Drawer Liner

Or, make any kitchen drawer neat and tidy without an organizer by adding this cork liner to it. You can cut it to custom-fit your drawer, and it'll ensure that whatever you stash inside stays put—no more rolling around when you close the drawer.

34 Tight Space Kitchen Pantry

This skinny shelf system slides into any 4-inch-wide space under your counters so you can turn an unused gap into a mini pantry.

35 Knife Block and Cutting Board Holder
Now 11% off

If you never know where to store your cutting boards, this stand is a must-have. It gives you a place to store them upright to save space, and has storage for knives or utensils built right in.

36 Undershelf Stemware Holder
Container Store

Wine glasses and other stemware don't have to take up valuable cabinet space. Instead, hang them from the underside of a shelf to really maximize your storage.

37 Non-Skid Tiered Spice Rack
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Bed Bath & Beyond



A tiered spice rack like this one makes it easy to see—and grab—the spices you need as you're busy cooking.

38 Bamboo Stackable Shelf

Wish you had a little more storage room around the sink? This bamboo shelf has space for plates, soaps, or even small plants.

39 9-Drawer Tea Organizer
Mind Reader

If you're a big tea drinker, organize all your favorite flavors in this tea bag holder, complete with drawers for tea-related accessories underneath.

40 3-Tier Copper Fruit Basket

Instead of storing your fruit and veggies in a bowl that takes up valuable counter room, take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen by adding a tiered fruit basket. 

41 Supreme Microwave Cart

A cart is a great way to add even more storage to your kitchen—plus, you can roll it out of the way or into a different spot whenever you need to.

42 Water Bottle Holder Stand
mDesign Store
Now 16% off

Make every water bottle you own easy to view and access—whether you keep them in a cupboard, pantry, or on the counter.

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