HB Obsessed: These Custom Pillows Will Redefine Your Sleep Quality

Choose the right one and you'll sleep like a baby.

pillow bar
Pillow Bar

Welcome to HB Obsessed, where our editors spotlight standout products they're loving. Today, it's pillows based on your unique sleep style.

If you’ve ever stayed at one of those boutique hotels with a pillow menu and relished in pressing zero to order your favorite foam, medium density pillow (or of this sounds INSANE to you and you just want a better night's sleep!), then you’ll understand why we’re crushing hard on The Pillow Bar.

This online business focuses on making pillows based on how you sleep and what position you sleep in—back, side or front. We spend a lot of time on mattresses, because a great mattress is paramount to our sleep health, but the pillow is the second most important part of this equation.

Founder Merrimac Dillon created a model that focuses on the body's alignment, ensuring that whichever way you prefer to sleep, your neck and spine are in the optimal position for good rest. She worked with neurosurgeons and chiropractors to really dig into what good sleep looks like (it's basically like good posture, but for bedtime). She also focused on making sure that the inside “fluff” of the pillow was only the good stuff, using responsibly sourced down, free of any earth or human unfriendly chemicals.

As for the nitty-gritty: The particular weight of these pillows—meaning how much down is in them and where it’s placed—works to keep your head in line with your spine while you sleep, so you’re not overextending during the night leading to uncomfortable knots in your neck and back.

If you’re like me, going from front, to side, to back, during the night, Dillon suggests focusing on what position you wake up in...NOT how you go to sleep. If you normally wake up on your back, then you are a back sleeper. That intel will help you make an informed decision about the right pillow for you. The Pillow Bar offers three basic pillow options:

Once you’ve decided on the right pillow for your sleep, these inserts are monogrammed so that you can easily identify which pillow is yours. After all, you didn’t go through all the work of creating a custom side-sleeper pillow just to get it mixed up with your partner's front-sleeper alternative!

Now, one rule of thumb: no pillow is made to last forever. In all likelihood, the good parts of this pillow will last on average one to two years. Since these come with a protective cover, they recommend washing that cover about once a week, but not washing the down insert itself as that can mess with the pillows density.

Sweet dreams!

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